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For Prospective PostDocs

We are always looking forward to externally funded candidates, or candidates willing to apply for external funding together with our lab. 

How should you apply? Please send your application directly to Elmar Behrmann (please use pdf format for all files and do not exceed 5 Mb total). It should include a concise CV, 2-3 letters of reference, a short description of your past and present work. Also please add a short letter of motivation stating what you hope to gain from joining the lab and what you would bring to the lab.

For candidates planning to apply for external funding together with our lab, just send a concise CV, a short description of the research you have done and how you would see yourself fit into the lab. We can then discuss possibilities and try to find common interests.

Last but not least: if we’ve met somewhere, e.g. on a conference, please feel free to remind me. I tend to be horrible when it comes to remembering names.